Different paths in the IT career! Part 1

Today, I am going to share my perspective in different paths in the career of IT.

Note: This post is for those who have not set their goals in the IT career. For those one who still in High School, this is a good post for you to explore your interest in the IT careers. If there is some terms where you don’t understand, congratulation, now you feel a lot more curious right? 🙂

1) The Graphic Designer:


Fig 1: The Graphic Designer Source

The Graphic Designer (aka Designer) is the one who create masterpiece artworks that WOW everyone around them.

The Designer can sometimes located inside café houses with a MacBook, thinking in deep thoughts while holding a cup of tea/coffee. Or they can take part in a lot of different job which involves is gorgeous designs like: Game industry, Web, Applications, Mobile Applications, …

2) The Developer:

a) Front End:


Fig 2: The Front End Developer Source

The Front End Developers usually work with the Designer in order to deliver the best User Experience (UI/UX) on a specific Web/Application.

Usually located at office, sometimes you can see them pairing with their best friend Designer at a café house.

b) Back End:


Fig 3: The Back End Developer Source

Their goal is to deliver the best result for the background computation of a Web/App which consists of manipulating the Database, delivering API like RESTful, RPC, etc.

3) The IT guy:


Fig 4: The Back End Developer Source

The IT guy has broad knowledge about hardware, software, network systems and can maintain, provide technical supports whenever they are needed. The IT can also repair, replace equipment and test new technologies.

Here is a fun Clip I found on Youtube.

4) The Embedded System Engineer:


Fig 5: The Embedded System Engineer Source

The Embedded System Engineer has the ability to put code into devices and build the IOT (Internet of things) network. They can work with different industry and build a device that helps human in that particular field.

Here is some cool IOT devices on Youtube: Source


5) The Security Specialist:


The Security Specialist (aka White Hat Hacker) can only be seen in the IT Security Company. This guy has superior knowledge about computer such as: Operating System, Networking, Hardware, and various skill in defending Systems such as preventing DDOS, code Firewall, etc.



The IT industry actually is more broad than this, that’s why this post is only part 1. I hope that after this post more people get interested in the IT field.

Thank you for reading the article.



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