Different paths in the IT career! Part 2

Hello again and welcome to the Different paths in the IT career. As most of you have seen from the 1st post, I have summarized almost every field in the IT career. However, there are quite some hidden fields that most people cannot easily see it. Let’s find out!

I) Overview:

The IT career consist of different fields where I myself divide it into 2 major parts: the Theory and the Practical.

The Practical is jobs which I mentioned in the 1st part. This is where people use the frameworks, libraries, programming languages, or some hardware like: Server, Internet, chips, etc… to build/create new projects that involved in: selling products, increase life quality, etc.

The Theory is… well it is quite hard to define but I can generalize it with 1 word: RESEARCH. Research is a process taken place in Labs which usually locate in Universities, sometimes in Companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. Have you ever wonder how Pythagorean theorem was found? Or how the OSI Model was invented? Or how HTTPS works, what is it? These magnificent theories influence our daily life yet we don’t even recognize it.

II) The research fields:


1) Artificial Intelligent:

In recent years (2018), we all hear some fuss about Artificial Intelligent like how the Machines are gonna kill us Human. Take this Sophia robot for an example:

However, on the bright side, researchers have some good development in the Medical Industry. Watch this video for an example:


2) Algorithm:

The Algorithm Researcher is pretty much like Math Researcher, but in more “Machine Way”. The Algorithm mainly create new theories that can help Machine to fasten their computation speed and to solve mysterious problems for other fields to use.

3) Hardware:

The Hardware consists of: CPU, GPU, Router, Wire, IoT Devices, etc. These researcher usually cooperate with Companies to fasten and upgrade it for personal uses.

_ Cisco, Linksys for Networking Devices: Routers, Switches, Hubs, Bridges.

_ NVidia and AMD for GPU.

_ IBM for CPU.


4) Cyber Security:

The Cyber Security is a huge field but due to my lack of knowledge, I only know:

_ Forensic: Research about recognizing tampered files, or techniques in hiding pieces of Information in those files. There is actually a guy who hid 310 Bitcoin in an image and publish on his website as a challenge on the Internet. Here

_ Cryptography: Research about theories in securing things. Like RSA: to secure the communication system, or DSA: to prove authentication on the Internet (this one is used in Blockchain system), Multi-Signature: like DSA with more Signatures.

If there are some term that you cannot understand, feel free to Google, as these research fields get weirder and more abstract as you go deeper ;).

5) And many more:

There are actually many more Research fields like: storing Images, Audio, Video in files; compress and decompress files (i.e: ZIP and RAR), and many more. (But I don’t know which category to put this in).

III) Who can be researcher:

Have you ever wonder why people learn Master’s and Phd? And what do Professors really do? Yep, that’s right, they are the researcher that I was talking about above.

If you want to try in the Research Industry, don’t hesitate and apply for a Master/Phd program now! I guarantee it’s gonna bring great experiences.

Again, thank you for reading.

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